Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Topsy Turvy Learning Curve

I am going to make my youngest sister's wedding cake this coming Halloween. She wants a Topsy Turvy Masquerade cake. Well, that is new for me so I decided to practice. I called some friends and asked them to join me for a little party, because we all know that I don't need to eat all that cake!

Some things worked and some didn't, so I think it was a successful try. I loved the bottom layer with the circles. It will be a double layer on a wedding cake of course, but I just did a single layer because I was so caked out. So, as a double layer it will look even better! I also really like the second layer. I now know some new tools that I need to acquire before October...a good diamond press and a fondant roller cutter. That will make it easier and help keep everything uniform.

The second layer also looks good with the trimming that I did, but the top layer looks awful! As I was going to sleep I had my stripe ephifany. Now I know how to make it work, but I was too tired to discover that trick while I was actually doing it. The trimming is also off. I think it needs to be a steeper cut. This layer does not look topsy turvy as much as tipsy. It looks like it is just sagging right off! Oh, well, like I said it was a good practice run and it will go better next time.