Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tatyana's Birthday Cake

Here are some pictures of a birthday cake I made a week or so ago. This sweet girl asked for yellow icing with pink roses. I should have just made it her way, but I let my head get in the way. Since her mom was paying me I thought it should look like something you would pay for. Now that the whole thing is over, I've decided I'm going to surprise her some day with cupcakes that are frosted in yellow with pink roses on them. Shame on me for trying to tell her what might look "nicer."

This cake turned out nicely...except for my writing. I was paying special attention to making the writing as neat as possible, and I think I've made improvement. Then I started adding roses, then vines. I went a little crazy and before I had stopped to notice what I was doing, I had a wayward vine making my writing efforts useless. That was an a...n...a but that silly vine turned it into a g! You can almost see above that it isn't connected, but it looks like it is. Where was my brain?
Luckily,Tatyana still loved her cake!

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