Monday, November 16, 2009

Paint bucket oops!

This cake was for a neighbor. It looked so much better in my head, but it was good practice. What you don't see is the awesome hammer that I made to go with the nails and the paint brush. Where are they you may ask? My three year old climbed on the counter and ate them! Yes, that is why this is not a full time hobby as yet. I was really proud of that hammer too. I took white fondant added a little brown coloring and mixed just enough to get a really nice wood grain look for the handle. Ah, so sad. I knew I should have taken a picture!
I took this picture thinking I was finished, but the cake just bugged me. I wished that I had just made a round spill instead of trying to get all "dripping over the edge" with it. But the paint can bothered me too.So, I added more "paint" to the can and I liked it a lot better. Unfortunately the extra fondant was too heavy for the can and it looked a bit squished by the time they were ready to eat it. The poor nails do not make any sense without the hammer, and just so you know I made them bent on purpose! They were pulled out of the wall as part of the pre-painting prep work. See, now it makes sense!

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Amy and the boys said...

Your cakes are seriously impressive!