Monday, August 22, 2011

Camp Construction Cake

The first week of August was Girl's Camp. This year I spent the entire week in the kitchen cooking for 150 girls and their leaders. It was a lot of work, and surprisingly a lot of fun.

At the end of the week we celebrated all of the birthdays and anniversaries that ocurred while we were at camp. Since our theme was "We are Builders" I thought this would be appropriate.

Part of me cringes at this cake, but considering there was no air conditioning and we really didn't have time to do this slowly it isn't that bad. I had three other wonderful ladies help me wip out the fondant before the heat and humidity could turn it into a sticky mess. It looks a bit droopy in places, but it was only stacked for 10 minutes before we cut into it so...

The bottom layer was four different 10 inch cakes side by side:
Orange juice
Chocolate mint with the Andes mint marscapone mousse
French Vanilla

The middle layer way my Cosmopolitan and the top was plain chocolate.

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